Why Digital Valplast®

  • Valplast is the world’s leading brand of flexible partial denture - a brand that technicians, dentists and patients have trusted for over 70 years.
  • Every Valplast partial from Arfona carries a lifetime guarantee against breakage of the base resin under normal use.
  • Arfona uses unique patent-pending techniques for post-processing and bonding the teeth into the denture base making it the strongest flexible partial denture available
  • Digital design and 3D printing of each partial denture yields a more precise, better fitting appliance with fewer adjustments
  • Can be used with digital impressions for increased precision and ease of use
  • Our fast turnaround times and affordable pricing is competitive even with offshore and economy dental labs
  • Our restorations are designed and fabricated entirely in the United States with FDA registered and CE marked materials.
  • Our products and services are available worldwide! We can accept scans and ship to you wherever you may be.
  • No startup costs - sign up for free today and start sending cases!