Our Technology

At Arfona Printing we have taken a profoundly different approach to additive manufacturing than other companies in the dental space. Instead of formulating new materials that are well suited to 3D printing but do not work well for dental applications, we have taken time-tested and clinically validated materials (Valplast) and optimized them for additive manufacturing. The result is a modern version of a classic material and application that the entire dental community knows and loves.

At the core of our technology is the use of a fused filament (extrusion) based additive manufacturing process. By taking thermoplastic monofilaments and feeding them through a heated nozzle, our materials can be deposited layer by layer into a three dimensional object. Temperature, feed rate, print speed and material flow are all carefully and precisely controlled by the printer hardware, firmware and slicing software. We are proud to have the world’s first and only 3D printing filament approved for long-term use in prosthetic dentistry.

Check out your designs on any device with a 3D preview. Add notes and approve cases before production to avoid re-designs.