Digital Valplast® Workflow

Send us a scan, we’ll send you a smile! It’s as simple as that. Send model scans or digital impressions effortlessly through our online portal, by email or through 3Shape Communicate. Once we receive your scan we’ll design your Valplast partial denture, 3D print it and finish it within a matter of days.

  1. Scan - We accept all model scans, impression scans and digital impressions.
  2. Upload - Send scans, patient photos and Rx information through our portal, by email or through 3Shape Communicate.
  3. Design - Arfona technicians will review the scans and design the restoration in accordance with the Rx.
  4. Print - The restoration will be 3D printed at our state of the art print center in NJ.
  5. Post Process - A combination of automated and manual post-processing techniques will be used to finish and polish the denture before sending back to your lab.